Following is feedback from some of the lives we have been blessed to touch:

In 2015 I had a lump on my left side under my ribcage on my back. It was the size of a small orange. I experienced pain every time I had to bend over and put shoes on or lift. 2016 my hands had knots on my fingers in the joints. In July 2016 I consulted with Debbie and she put me on a program after hair analysis – stayed on program for 1 yr. My lump went away and knots on hand gradually got better. I was diagnosed with panic attacks 2016. I feel like Debbie and all the glory to GOD, i am almost back to my old self before 2015.

Joyce Ryan

October 10, 2018

Our daughter has a rare kidney disease and in May of 2018 we were told that she was at 25% kidney function. We met with Debbie in June and did the hair tissue mineral analysis. We started her on the recommended supplements. In August we were told by her nephrologist that her kidney function had improved to 58%. (There was further improvement in the months following this report.

Stasha & Savanna Cagle

Rockwall, TX, October 3, 2018

Before I came in to Get Healthy I was a mess.  I was bounced around from doctor to doctor and given medicine bandaids that only seemed to make things worse for me rather than better.  I was experiencing weakness, numbness and pains in my arms and legs, brain fog, reflux, gastritis. Everything I put in my body would cause a worse reaction whether it was a food, a medicine, etc. When I met with Debbie I got a hair analysis done.  She finally gave me answers to what is actually going on in my body.  I changed my diet, gave up caffeine and started taking the vitamins and minerals she suggested. I did the ozone sauna (which really is magic by the ways, everyone should be doing those) and following the program with the other treatments she recommended. Today I look and feel so much healthier.  My hair stopped falling out. I feel stronger. The weakness and numbness  are better and are pretty much completely resolved.  The brain fog is gone and my memory is great.  My nails are growing again and my skin is softer and younger looking.  Anxiety/panic attacks have stopped. I don’t have reflux issues anymore and I have more energy.  God bless Get Healthy and the whole staff working there.  Thank you for everything. I know things will only get better and better the more I go to Get Healthy, and they will for everyone.  Give it a shot; it’s better than bandaids from the doctor only.

Kelly Roiz

Rockwall, TX, April 19, 2019

I had been a shopper at Get Healthy for years, but when I was diagnosed with Graves disease I got serious. The doctors said, “Just wait and see what happens.” Then they would kill or remove my thyroid gland after it got worse! Well I came to Debbie after I heard that. She put me on minerals, lots of organic veg’s and saunas. Now all my thyroid levels have gone back to normal and my hair isn’t falling out like it was, and my eyes are no longer popping out of my head and swollen! I am getting well! Thanks for my health back!

Alison Davidson

July 10, 2018

I’m the lady in Trinity Texas that has glaucoma. You recommended drinking colostrum twice daily. Wanted you to know after drinking for 4 months went for eye exam. My pressure was much lower than it had been in several years. Didn’t do anything else differently so I attribute it to the colostrum. Will go for next check up in 5 months. Do so appreciate your help and recommendation of colostrum.

Kathy Skains

Trinity, TX, August 7, 2018

I found out I had a growth on the tip of my cervix the width of my pinky finger and half the length while getting a well woman exam. The doctor said it’d have to be removed by them and that was the only way. I started VO (vaginal ozone) treatments and after a few months the growth exited my body on its own a week before my next period started. It was amazing. I did the 5 minute treatments 3 or 4 times.

I’ve done 2 urinalysis tests and protocols. The first 2 weeks I followed the protocol, my sugars regulated which had been very low. Following Debbie’s advice has helped me regulate my blood sugar. Just even being aware of the symptoms and knowing how to take care of myself with a simple piece of fruit, etc. has been empowering and relieving. My food cravings (continuous all day hunger) have massively decreased.

Chelsea Criss

Sunnyvale, TX, August 2, 2018

Think your health is too far gone to get back? Is anything too hard for God?

In a rural area, high on the slopes of the Blackall Range with sweeping views of the Sunshine Coast and the Pacific Ocean, it’s a beautiful, brilliant day. Trees flush with new leaf, native bees humming on the wattle blooms, lorikeets and parrots feeding on nectar in eucalypt blossoms high in the tree-tops – all are signals spring is coming. Our free-ranging chickens chatter away as they scratch the fresh earth. The invitation is too much to resist – the garden calls for the afternoon!

Who could imagine that I would have the energy and pleasure of working in the garden – let alone for some hours?

Decades of my life have been consumed with illness. Following the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that extracted me from work for two years, heavy metal poisoning from amalgam dental fillings and Lyme Disease from numerous tick bites over the years, low energy has been a continuing feature of my life.

That all changed in February 2017 when I attended an Energy Healing Conference in Dallas. My husband is from the US, I did my post-graduate studies in Texas, and with family in the US, we have been fortunate to visit many times and also to live there for extended periods in our retirement. At that Energy Healing Conference, a participant named Debbie “coincidently”, sat next to me. Debbie explained her work with Nutritional Balancing (NB), and how NB was the preferable approach for removing the heavy metals that were wreaking havoc synergistically with Lyme bacteria in my body.

Repeated medical tests over time had shown Borrelia, Babesia, Bartonella and Rickettsia spirochetes together with mercury, arsenic, aluminium, plus other imbalances despite “detoxing” for years with no noticeable improvement in my condition.

I listened quietly to Debbie. Her in-depth knowledge, personal experience, enthusiasm and commitment to NB for resolving heavy metal toxicity and rebalancing minerals plus her clear understanding of the range of symptoms I was experiencing in my continuing condition was truly amazing. She painted it exactly as it was! As I listened to her, it was a “no-brainer”! Nutritional Balancing with Debbie’s guidance and support, was what I needed……….and the Good Lord smiled at my meeting His angel He arranged for me that day, half-way across the world!!

Nutritional Balancing made really good sense to me, especially as it heals the body by increasing energy production. Improved energy is what I so much needed as an extremely slow oxidizer. Approaches I had tried failed to include the scientifically-backed precision underpinning NB to address this issue for me.

The detailed information, HTMA reports and support that Debbie provided were an invaluable aspect of the NB program. Without this, staying with NB would be much more difficult. I felt, support was especially important during the really challenging, seemingly prolonged period of toxic copper elimination plus retracing episodes that occur.

I can smile now though when I think back to how badly I felt at times before I began to reap the benefits of the process. Debbie encouraged me each step of the way, assuring me I would reach this goal. And while my HTMA report imbalances are not yet what I would prefer, they are well on the way, and I feel soooooo much better!!!

Here I am now having just enjoyed four hours of wonderful, high energy gardening on this magic day! The kookaburras offer their laughing farewell to the day, and my husband has called “cuppa”! It’s time to leave the garden for a cup of herb tea fixed with freshly picked garden leaves. We sit on the verandah enjoying our cuppa, viewing the spectacle of a rising full moon shining brightly over the waters of the Pacific Ocean, some 20kms away, down the Maroochy River Valley, and my heart fills with gratitude as I remember Dallas and Debbie and NB…… so far away, but very present here.

Eileen Duhs

May 10, 2022

I am in my late 70’s. I have faced several serious health challenges including diabetes, heart attack, cancer, and COPD. I have been on a nutritional balancing program for 7 months. On my recent annual visit to my eye doctor, he surprised us all by reporting no longer seeing evidence of macular degeneration. I have eliminated a considerable amount of aluminum and other oxides on this program, and my mineral levels have improved by leaps and bounds. Don’t think your body won’t respond to remineralization, whatever your age or condition!

Barbara B.

Rockwall, TX

I had brought my dad to see you about a year ago with severe gout and unhealthy kidneys, we did the hair test and you had recommend a battery of supplements to get him back to where he needs to be.  I’m happy to say that after 6 months, blood tests showed that his kidneys were back to normal and his gout pain basically went away.  Of course, he watched what he ate as well, but I think that take the right supplements were the key to get him there.

Debbie Pon

Rockwall, TX, March 2020

I’ve been all over the country in search for a practitioner who would listen and hear my complaints. Debbie listened & heard. From the very first visit and recommendations I felt and noticed a difference. Her staff — hands down — are the best. If they don’t have an answer, they will find one, instead of just yessing you away. Debbie saw my daughter free of charge — that says a lot NOW A DAYS. The fact she’s willing to give her time at no cost for a little soul speaks wonders. Thank you, Debbie.

Desiree Villarreal

Coleman, TX, August 20, 2018

Since the first day I began the program, I felt my energy improve. I was able to have enough energy in the evening to read, bathe, and sing to my toddler before bedtime. I soon began to notice I could eat what I wanted in terms of legumes and not have gas or bloating anymore; or during my cycle — no more headaches! If that’s not amazing enough, I have been able to get off of my medication! All these results in just 3 months. I can’t wait to see more results as my body heals.

Denise Vulchev

Royse City, TX, August 25, 2018

Debbie’s knowledge of health and wellness is amazing. Her advice is always spot on and exactly what I need to hear. I love her store; she has everything I need. God definitely brought Debbie into my life. I don’t know where I would be without her.

Debbie Woodell

Rockwall, TX, September 1, 2018

Benjamin had less runny nose problems since his mineral doses. Also the most significant change is no more ear infections!! Benjamin sleeps well, plays and has no more signs of eczema (this is what brought us to Get Healthy).

Benjamin Vulchev

Royse City, TX, September 5, 2018

I came to Debbie in hopes her method would put me on the road to optimal health. I had suffered with chronic migraines over five decades.  I’ve given many doctors /holistic practitioners time-worthy chances to help. Debbie’s mineral balancing program along with my cranial orthodontist has been a game changer.  I’ve had no migraine in over 90 days.  I had my 2nd hair analysis in April 2019 (1st one Oct. 2018), and the results were astounding, 9 short months. This has been an investment that has paid off.

My energy is none that I’ve experienced before. I have clear thinking and I’m not on any prescriptions. I’m absorbing nutrients correctly. My thyroid has improved to a functional level.  My oxidation has improved 900% because of cal/mag leveling. Toxic metals are leaving my body, helping me feel energetic. When I started I had copper levels off the charts, now it’s normalizing.  The ozone sauna, when I started, I couldn’t tolerate.  I tried 2 min, then 5 min. but I’d get severe migraine within hours. Now I can sit in it 20 mins and have no reaction. I’ve learned to listen to my body.  It’s seemingly a slow process but looking back I’m surprised given the right tools how the body will heal itself. There have been painful days in the healing process but I think about how much worse it would have been had I not chosen this path.

Debbie Daffron

Rockwall, Tx, November 12, 2019

By the time I started with Debbie at Get Healthy, I had many severe medical problems with a history of multiple surgeries. I was unable to work and spent most of my days in bed unable to enjoy family or friends.

After my consult and personal plan of care, I received my hair analysis which answered many questions. A program tailored for me was begun and within one – two months my life began to change. I continue to improve every day. Many problems have disappeared. My diabetes is totally under control.

Today, I am up and about every day. My family tells me they are so happy to have me back. Friends are amazed at the change in me. I feel at least ten years or more younger. I am busy and involved with many things. I have my life back! What a blessing from God! I am so thankful to Debbie and all the Get Healthy staff for their expertise and genuine caring.

Mary Bustos

Rockwall, Tx, October 3, 2020

I thank God daily for people like yourself who have made it their ministry to do his work. You are a blessing to so many people and have touched countless lives including my own. Because of your efforts, and your willingness to put boots to the ground in service of God, you and the wonderful women in your establishment have been the most supportive, empathetic, and willing yo aid in whatever capacity they can, and I appreciate them for that. All of them I have had the pleasure of interacting with: Kathi, Christi, Monica, Donna, Mi Nyung, and anyone else I may have not received the names for – are all women that are overwhelmingly celebrated in the community for your service and impact. You all represent everything that deserves to be celebrated during Women’s History Month, and I am grateful for all of you.

Sy Ali

Rockwall, TX

I had “jammed” my right ankle— was worried something may be fractured. It was slightly swollen & bruised and did not tolerate any weight being placed on it. The following day I had a sauna app’t and Donna suggested using the biotransducer on my ankle. By that evening it was a great deal better. I could put my weight on it, swelling was down, and pain was much less. Amazing!

Judy Breckenridge

Rockwall, TX

I began my journey with Get Healthy in November of 2018 at the urging of a very good friend who saw and recognized a lot of the same symptoms in me that he had gone through. I found it hard to believe, because he is one of those people who always seemed to have an abundance of energy. You know the type: a “motor that just won’t quit” I like to say. He told me how his wife had convinced him to get a hair mineral analysis done several years back and that the results showed he had high levels of toxins in his body. He followed the supplementation program provided by GHR and was soon on his way to regaining his health and wellbeing back.

I have to tell you that I was at a very low point in my life — my health was at its worst and everything I tried didn’t help. I was very overweight regardless of how much I dieted or worked out. I had been diagnosed with bilateral carpal tunnel, and was also facing the possibility of rotator cuff surgery on both shoulders. I was at the point where I couldn’t even remove the cap off a bottle of water; every joint in my body hurt. I couldn’t even sleep in my bed. The few hours of sleep I was able to get were in a recliner. I felt as if at the young age of 57 I was going to have to resort to having someone care for me.

I thank God for bringing my friend Billy into my life. Because of him I reached out to Debbie Weygandt at Get Healthy and had a hair mineral analysis done in late November 2018. I got my results back in mid-December and my results showed that I was Copper Toxic! I had never heard of this before, but I would soon learn how prevalent this heavy metal toxicity is. Debbie’s explanation of what my body was doing in order to try and correct the issue was very simple: “your body is robbing the calcium from your joints”. “You’re rusting in place,” she added! That is exactly what I felt like, with every step I took or move I made I felt as if I were the Tin Man caught out in the rain. I literally felt like I was going to rust in place! She went on to explain my results in great detail and it all made sense and finally the good news! We can correct this! It could take as long as 3 years to correct the imbalance, but you will feel better much sooner than that!

I began taking the supplements she suggested around Christmas time 2018 and did a follow up HTMA in April 2019 which showed big improvements. By September I was feeling much better, I lost about 30 lbs. and finally had enough strength to begin working out again. This was a slow process at first, I but I managed through. I won’t tell you that it was an easy process, because it wasn’t. There were days when I felt terrible due to the toxins flooding my bloodstream, but I knew this was due to the supplements doing their job, just as Debbie told me would happen. I retested in September and got my results back in October. Debbie was amazed at how much I had improved and told me that my results were extraordinary!

It is now May 8th, 2020 and as of May 6th I have been working out for 7 months now. I have lost 60 lbs. and am feeling so much better. I work out every day, some days harder than others, but I push myself to do something each day. My muscle tone is coming back; my joints don’t ache any more. I’m getting quality sleep and my energy levels are much improved. I saw Billy a month ago for the first time in awhile and he was surprised at how much better I looked  and felt. That’s been the same reaction from my family and friends. It is now time to get re-tested again and I can’t wait to see what those results will tell. Oh BTW I did let my doctor convince me to have carpal tunnel surgery on my left hand in 2018 due to the excessive pain I was in, but my right hand is doing fine and those rotator cuff issues are all gone!

I’m reminded by ads on TV and online every day of the new latest miracle supplement, vitamin or diet craze that is supposed to fix all your miseries, and I remember being that desperate and in pain that I would rush out and buy it or order it online! I now tell anyone that will listen to me about the benefits of having a hair mineral test done. I now say “how can you know what you need to take if you don’t know what your body is lacking or over producing!!!” I know that I still have a ways to go, but it feels so good to be in control of my health and well being again.

Thank God for Debbie and all the great people at Get Healthy. It’s been an amazing journey!!!

Freddie Rodriguez

Cypress, TX, May 11, 2020

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