are what maintain and repair the body.
Grass-fed and pastured animal proteins
are highly nutritious.

Proteins are what maintain and repair the body. Grass-fed and pastured animal proteins are highly nutritious.

We would not consider selling or eating anything else!

Cattle were not meant to eat grain. They have no digestive apparatus to process it. It makes them sick. Do you expect to eat sick meat and be well? Add to that the deranged and depleted nutrient levels and ratios of grain-fed beef, including CLA to keep you trim and cancer-free, cysteine and sulfur to keep your liver clean, zinc to prevent anxiety and acne, choline to nourish your brain, B vitamins to give you energy, omegas to protect the membrane of every cell in your body and drive oxygen into the cell — and we have a problem! If the grain-fed meat you are eating is also

conventional, you can add to that list hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and often maltreatment of the livestock in feedlots of shameful animal cruelty.
Nobody living in Texas cattle land should be subjected to meat of such poor standards. Nor should any of God’s creatures be subjected to such a life.

Eat grass-fed! It is the most delectable and delicious meat you can buy. It is chock-full of nutrients. You are worth it!


Grass-Fed Beef

We carry grass-fed ground beef, grass-fed hamburger patties, grass-fed ribeye steak, grass-fed New York Strip steak, grass-fed sirloin steak, grass-fed skirt steak, grass-fed tenderloin, grass-fed chuck roast, grass-fed round roast, grass-fed tri tip roast, grass-fed shoulder roast, grass-fed sirloin roast, grass-fed brisket, grass-fed flank steak, grass-fed short ribs, grass-fed stew meat, grass-fed soup bones, grass-fed marrow /dog bones, grass-fed oxtail, grass-fed heart, grass-fed kidney, grass-fed liver, grass-fed tongue, and grass-fed bone broth. Raised on lush oat, rye and other cereal grasses (not grains), our is the best grass-fed beef we have ever tasted. Try it and see why people drive from Dallas to Rockwall for their grass-fed meats!
  • Grass-fed angus for the richest and most tender flavor 
  • Grass-fed longhorn for those who prefer a leaner cut
  • Raised locally by people we know and trust, not in Uruguay

Local Pastured Chicken

Windy Meadows Family Farm in Campbell, TX supplies all our chicken, as well as that of many of the finer restaurants in the Metroplex, Theirs is the only chicken raised truly on pasture. (Don’t believe the big brand hype — we checked!) All our meals, both prepared meals and Grill meals, are made with this chicken. Try it, and you will never go back!

We carry pastured chicken breasts, pastured boneless chicken breasts, pastured chicken thighs, pastured boneless chicken thighs, pastured whole chickens, pastured cut up chickens, pastured chicken leg quarters, pastured chicken wings, pastured chicken ground sausages, pastured chicken link sausages, pastured ground chicken, pastured chicken liver, pastured chicken feet, pastured chicken bones, and pastured chicken bone broth.

  • Tender and delicious, never stringy, poofy, bland or dry
  • Free to roam (versus henhouses with 200,000 other birds, many of them dead)
  • Dramatically healthier chicken (grocery store chicken is rife with salmonella).

Pastured Bison, Elk, Lamb, Pork, Turkey

Try the famous flavor of grass-fed bison — an American classic! You don’t want buffalo — could be water buffalo from China. Grass-fed elk is superior to wild-caught in that it is raised on large fenced pastures with no access to genetically modified grains or diseases. Pastured lamb is tender and inimitable, a feast for the senses. While pork is not a meat we advocate you eat, if you must have your bacon or sausage, at least get it from pastured pork! The health of the animal and the quality of the meat are worlds apart from the stuff you get in the grocery store. Also, you are wise to avoid the nitrates and smoking that makes it doubly unhealthy. Our pastured pork bacon is organic and uncured. Turkey is a healthy meat choice — if it is not confined and raised on GMO grain. We stock a variety of pastured sausages and bacons in beef, pork, and turkey.
  • Raised in the good ol’ united States of America
  • Free to roam on lush grasses
  • Nutritional profile worlds apart from the grocery store stuff

Grass-Fed Dairy

We carry grass-fed cheddar cheese, grass-fed Monterey jack cheese, grass-fed mozzarella cheese, grass-fed havarti cheese, grass-fed gouda cheese, grass-fed parmesan cheese, grass-fed cream cheese, grass-fed Swiss cheese, grass-fed ricotta cheese, grass-fed cottage cheese, pastured goat cheese, grass-fed kefir, grass-fed yogurt, grass-fed butter, grass-fed cream, grass-fed half and half, and grass-fed ghee. We also carry RAW organic grass-fed cheeses. And we make a wonderful tomato jalapeño cheese dip with grass-fed cheese. Oh yes, it exists — only at Get Healthy!
  • Pristine local dairy that puts the big box organic brands to shame
  • Low-temp pasteurization that leaves proteins and enzymes intact
  • Cream rises (no artery-clogging homogenization)

Pastured Eggs

All our eggs are organic and pastured (never housed with 200,000 other hens, never de-beaked so they don’t kill each other in their crowded conditions, never fattened till their legs break under them, never fed genetically modified anything). Cage-free and free-range mean nothing anymore. The flavor makes this obvious. Check the eggs at your local grocery: they all rate at the bottom of the list. Buy pastured eggs! All our baked goods are made with pastured eggs. If you want to be well or care about the critters who supply your table, buy pastured!
  • Pastured eggs are a super food for your brain
  • The rich color means higher nutrients
  • Cornucopia Institute’s highest rating

Grass-fed and pastured animal proteins are far superior to grain-fed in all nutritional parameters.