Our Health Coaching Center is led by Naturopath Debbie Weygandt.

Using a special combination of nutritional supplements along with careful food selection based upon existing tissue patterns, she seeks to help people balance their biochemistry while also detoxifying from the heavy environmental load we all bear today. We have been blessed to help hundreds of people where every other approach has failed.

Our non-medical Health Coaching Center is well equipped to provide our members with the help they need to get healthy and stay healthy. For example, our members use the ozone sauna for the ultimate detox session! We encourage you to stop by the Health Coaching Center located at the back of the store to discover how you can make use of these resources to optimize your health.

Please understand that only members are able to utilize our Health Coaching Center. In addition, our products and services are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

• Nutritional Balancing

• Ozone Therapy

• Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Frequency Therapy (PEMF)


It’s a toxic world out there. Come discover tools to free the body so it can heal.

It’s a toxic world out there. Come discover tools to free the body so it can heal.

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Want REAL food to heal your body — but short on time to make it?

Health Coaching

Learn more about Naturopath Debbie Weygandt.

Coaching Hours

Monday - Friday
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Avail yourself of powerful healing modalities without the wait time or expense.