We are a full-service organic market — with the distinctive that we stock only items that meet our standards for REAL FOOD


This means strict regulation on pest and herb control, never any Genetically Modified Organisms, dramatically lower contaminant residues, far higher mineral content (you taste it as better flavor), no bleach on our fresh produce.

Free of additives & excess processing

This includes high fructose corn syrup, soy, canola, agave, artificial flavorings & sweeteners, homogenization, high-temp pasteurization, hexane, jet fuel, parabens, halides, chloramines, toxic metals . . . .


Ancient grain instead of toxic modern wheat, grass-fed instead of grain-fed, non-homogenized instead of cardiotoxic, pastured instead of “free range” or “cage-free”, hard-to-find healing veggies such as rutabagas and parsnips, etc.

The best selection of nutrient-rich food in Rockwall!

The best selection of nutrient-rich food in Rockwall!