We all know we are what we eat. But most people are dangerously unaware of the hazards of eating common grocery store or restaurant “foods” without first checking out the ingredients.

Did you know 95% of corn produced in our country is genetically modified? It is a man-made frankenfood, like nothing that exists in nature. When you eat it, your own gut becomes a pesticide factory, and your brain suffers by connection. This toxic fake corn is included in a majority of packaged products from soups to sauces. The little organic corn that is left is the only corn we will allow in any product we carry. But the truth is, less is more. Why put fillers in foods to begin with?

Most olive oil on the market is not olive oil at all. In fact, this is the most rampant food fraud in the country, followed by fish. You think you are using it for your heart, but it is calcifying your arteries. Buyer beware! The problem is so rampant that it took us 160 hours of research to track down true, safe, high polyphenol olive oils that do what olive oil is supposed to do. This is the oil available to our members.

The body requires a lot of folate to produce and protect our DNA and blood cells and to transform carbs into energy. But the folic acid in noodles, crackers, and breads is the fake kind that can cause problems for a lot of people. Where can you get the good stuff? By eating generous plates of organic veggies every day. And besides the folate, this approach also gives you the iron, sulfur, calcium, potassium, manganese, ECGC, sulforaphane, betalaines, quercetin, kaempferol, vitamins A, B, C, and so forth to nourish a working body.

Protein is vital to maintenance and repair, but what kind of protein is best? Didn’t the China study rule out beef? What kind of beef was that they reported on? The Confined Animal Feeding Operation toxic feedlot beef found in grocery stores everywhere? Or free-ranging beef living on lush Texas grasses and sunshine? That is the difference. While plant proteins can help to supplement protein requirements, they are very heavily weighted in favor of copper, which can quickly lead to anxiety, insecurity and eventually to reproductive, hormonal, and cardiovascular problems and cancers. Grass-fed/pastured animal protein, on the other hand, is high in zinc for growth and immunity, choline for the brain, cysteine and sulfur for the liver, CLA for weight maintenance and cancer prevention, omega 3 fatty acids for brain health, and much more. Most people should eat two servings of animal protein per serving of plant protein. And a general estimation of protein requirement is 3 servings the size of your palm. Of course, we require good stomach acid to digest any type of protein, and that requires functional levels of sodium, potassium, iodine, and zinc.

Sugar is hidden in “foods” everywhere. We have worked hard to see that the foods we carry are sugar-free, except in the case of desserts and indulgences — and we seek out low-sugar treats at that. Many of our in-house desserts are made with organic raw honey — a true epicurean delight. You certainly don’t need hidden sugar in your pasta sauce, crackers, or soups!

We could write for hours about food corruption and the steps we have gone to to ensure the highest quality of foods for our members — but you have dinner to prepare! Trust us; we have your back. We shop here too. 🙂

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