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In 2014, after over twenty years in full-time pastoral ministry, Jon and Debbie Weygandt founded Get Healthy out of a concern for the health of their fellow Rockwallians. From the start they committed themselves to doing everything possible to enable people to become healthier physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

At the time, there were very few options for organic food in Rockwall. They determined early in the store’s development that Get Healthy would not carry every organic product–only those that met their criteria as real food. It was their desire that anyone shopping at Get Healthy could do so without finding products with toxic or questionable ingredients and without having to spend hours researching and vetting food for the table.

Besides offering the best organic produce, meats, dairy and groceries, Get Healthy is committed to teaching and equipping people to live vibrant, healthy lives. In her study of Naturopathy, Debbie continued a lifelong passion for natural health. Today, Debbie devotes most of her time to health coaching. The Lord continues to use her in unbelievable ways!

In the process of helping people recover their health, Jon and Debbie discovered the devastating effects of man-made electromagnetic radiation. That led them to add an EMR section at Get Healthy to equip people with the resources to protect themselves and their homes from deadly interference fields. Also, Jon became certified as one of only two Building Biologists in the state of Texas. He is available to do Electromagnetic Assessments of your home or office. Contact him in the store to make an appointment. Members receive a discount off his already low fee for this labor- and equipment-intensive assessment.


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Want REAL food to heal your body — but short on time to make it?

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