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Most people are not overweight because of a lack of gym time. (Yes, we need to move our bodies to be well.) Most people struggle with their weight for one of two reasons: 1) laziness (a love of food over the satisfaction of feeling great or overeating due to addictions, lack of motivation, apathy, or despair) or 2) metabolic inefficiency due to malnutrition. This is the most common cause, and no amount of laziness can be overcome if this is not corrected.

How can we help? Let’s get your minerals working again!
Copper is required for ATP production. ATP is the energy the body runs on. Most people today cannot bind copper, so they struggle with functional deficiency. Copper is also notorious for calcifying the cells and depleting their oxygen supply. Correcting this one mineral can change your life. However, this is not a quick fix. It requires a year or so of consistent supplementation with lifestyle changes to get the body to bind copper again and to remineralize 100 trillion cells. But it is the reason you struggle. And until it is corrected, everything else you do is just suppressing symptoms.

People who tend to gain weight around the middle are often in an acute stage of adrenal stress due to toxic metal accumulation. The cortisol puffs us out with the most deadly type of fat: visceral fat. It is a simple matter to get most people out of this pattern, but you cannot correct what you do not know.

Deficiencies of iodine and selenium are rampant today and account for a huge number of cases of obesity, hypo (and hyper) thyroidism, and misery. Replenishing these minerals is life-changing on other fronts as well, but it must be done safely in conjunction with the supporting nutrients and based upon your individual chemistry or you can cause other problems.

Simple protein deficiency can leave the body weak, frazzled, and overwhelmed — and cause us to grab food in desperation to prop the system up. But all protein is not created equal, and then there is the matter of assimilation, with our epidemic of leaky gut and gut infections.

When you’ve tried everything else and are ready to take the slower road to actually healing the body, we are here to help. And yes, we also have all the lean muscle-building products and healthy foods you may be looking for on your journey to a svelter you!

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