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Where can you go for a meal that will heal your body, if you don’t make it yourself?

Home Cooked Food

Organic Prepared Meals

Ever wish somebody else would do the cooking for you? But who on earth makes meals to actually nourish or heal the body, with 100% organic, zero pesticide everything? We do! By popular request and in high demand, our warm-and-serve meals are chock-full of veggies and grass-fed meats, prepared in a delicious way with only healthy oils, in stainless steel pans (not aluminum), never microwaved, in generous portions that will hold you for hours, at a price comparable to conventional fare. By request of several gentlemen who wanted to regain their health but whose wives do not cook. Buy 5 and stock your work fridge. Share with a friend who is down. Or take a break from the kitchen.  

We make the best gluten-free lasagna ever, GF spaghetti squash spaghetti, GF chicken veggie enchiladas, GF pot pie, GF beef cabbage casserole, GF brassica jack chicken, GF Parmesan chicken with roots and rice, GF meatball dinner, GF keto cheesy chicken brussels bake, GF chicken veggie soup, GF vegan red lentil soup, GF chicken taco soup, ancient grain chicken tacaritos, ancient grain beef tacaritos,  ancient grain turkey and Grilled Chicken Caesar wraps, and other rotating meals as the seasons change.

  • 100% organic, without devious marketing

  • The full nutrient profile of pastured meats and dairy

  • Loaded with healing veggies, high on flavor!

Organic To-Go Salads & Eggs

When you want a salad but you don’t want the pesticides, you have come to the right place!
Our 100% organic, gluten-free Greek quinoa salad is a member summer favorite and is a sensory delight with quinoa, cucumbers, kalamata olives, feta cheese, red onion, & red bell pepper in a homemade dressing with an olive oil /ACV base.  

Our organic GF grilled chicken salad features pastured chicken slices over a bed of romaine, spinach, and kale with our house vinaigrette and topped with Parmesan, cranberries, and pumpkin seeds. Our angelic eggs have the devil beat with a hand-piped fluffy filling sprinkled with paprika in just the size for lunch or a snack. When you want something fast that you don’t have to heat.

  • A party for your senses

  • All the best in organic everything

  • Expensive ingredients at affordable prices

Healthy Snacks Made Fresh

The Grab ‘n Go section is one of the most-frequented areas of the store. Why? Creamy cheesecake, decadent chocolate, crunchy nuts, flavor perfection! We make these snacks ourselves because you simply cannot buy anything of this quality on the market — yet.

We have GF carrot cake, GF chocolate cake, GF cheesecake, GF chocolate decadence, GF Globs, GF peanut butter fudge, GF almond butter fudge, GF dream bars, GF cranberry nut bars, GF almond chia hemp balls, GF peanut butter balls, GF cardiotonic superfood bites, GF coconut delights, and GF cake rolls and other items seasonally.

  • 100% organic and no compromise

  • Low or no sugar

  • Many raw or close to raw — all delicious!

Fresh Salsas & Dips

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if there were a healthy version of queso? All organic, with grass-fed cheese and just enough spice to wake up your mouth — minus the artificial colors, chemical preservatives, thickening agents, emulsifiers, rancid oils, sugar, & MSG ? There is!

We make a delightful organic, grass-fed tomato jalapeño cheese spread for dipping, and at the holidays we make cheddar cheese pecan balls to go with crackers. We make a fresh salsa that you can use for dipping or cooking (simmer it a bit before using on enchiladas). And we make a bright, fresh, wonderful hummus that puts the grocery store stuff to shame. (We know; we stopped carrying it.)

  • 100% organic, clean, guilt-free snacking

  • Healthy fats for a healthy life

  • Fresh, fresh, fresh!

We don’t cheat so you don’t hurt. Not kinda sorta organic with the expensive elements in question —

but 100% organic, non-GMO, clean, fresh, nutrient-rich, high-veggie,
with only superior ingredients from our own shelves.

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Want REAL food to heal your body — but short on time to make it?

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