Did you know you absorb more toxins through your gums and skin than through your gut?

If you wouldn’t eat it, don’t apply it!

Personal Care

World’s Only Organic, Metal-Free Makeup

Looking for clean makeup free of the myriad of toxins added to most makeup? Makeup that goes on beautifully, holds all day, and nourishes rather than destroying your skin? Enter 100% Pure. This line of makeup is the ONLY one in the world that we have found to be free of all the sneaky toxins in this category. Take mineral makeup, for instance: did you know that iron oxide slices holes in the cells and rusts them out prematurely? Yet it is found in almost all “mineral” makeup. 100% Pure tints their makeup with fruit pigments for a deliciously healthy treat for your skin. It costs less than the goo at the big department stores, and your skin will thank you!

We carry primers, foundations, BB cremes, blush, setting powder, highlighters, luminizers, bronzers, toners, correctors, eyeliners, eye shadows, mascara, eyebrow gel, lipstick, lipgloss, and the best nail polish you can buy anywhere — also free of the 12 big toxins in almost all brands. We have cruelty-free brushes to pull it all together. The product lasts and lasts, which gives you a great return on your investment. Our prices are the lowest anywhere, almost nobody reacts to this line, and people drive miles to get their hands on this stuff! Your search for a flawless face is over!

Facial Cleansers and Serums

There are so many choices out there — where do you begin? That’s where we come in! While most vitamin C serums are hardly absorbed into the skin if at all, we carry not one but two that are — with a dramatic clinical reduction in free radical damage.

Rather than stripping your skin with harsh detergents or leaving it untouched with worthless products — and risking toxic additives in the process,  try 100% Pure’s line of hydrating cleansers and moisturizers. Loaded with superfruit extracts to exfoliate, brighten, plump, soften, and nourish the skin, you will find an array of choices.

We also carry hyaluronic acid-based serums to soften expression lines and lift and plump the skin, masques to firm, nourish, and hydrate, microfiber cloths to remove impurities without stripping,  retinol-based serums,  deeply emolliating pure emu oil, the incomparable skin miracle of dragon’s blood, various witch hazel and otehr toners, HA-based spritzers, Cellfood’s mineral-infused oxygen gel, rose water, copper facial mist to restore collagen, coffee under-eye cream to firm and remove dark circles, age spot lighteners, and more!

Soap, Shampoo & Shower Gel

Almost all supermarket shampoo is a toxic soup. Salon shampoo is not much better. Your hair does not need a laundry list of chemicals in order to shine! Even the fragrance can mess with your hormones and compromise your health. 100% Pure has done it again! It is not only the cleanest shampoo we have ever used, it is also the best, leaving our hair bouncy, soft, and de-frizzed. A tiny bit goes a long way, so we find the price on par with junk shampoos. Their conditioners are equally wonderful — never heavy or greasy, and no questionable ingredients.

We also carry a variety of bar soaps, from a musky bay rum to a gentle oat milk, from colloidal silver to heal fungus to snazzy holiday soaps to everyday soaps in rosemary mint, lavender aloe, almond, etc. We have liquid hand soaps, coconut oil soaps, workout sports soaps, olive oil soap, charcoal soap, red clay soap, cherry blossom soap, and so forth — all clean and pure, with no harsh fragrances or artificial ingredients.

We carry shower gels by 100% Pure and body washes by Thinksport. All the good stuff, none of the toxins!

Deodorant & Dental Care

Most people are aware today of the heavy body burden of aluminum that comes from using the deodorant most of us grew up on, as the armpits are an exceptional entry point for toxic metal. While crystal deodorants can be just as bad (and tend not to work), several manufacturers have developed effective deodorants — minus the dose of aluminum and other toxins. We carry rose lavender, grapefruit currant, aloe tea flower, chamomile citrus, magnesium, and other deodorants by Thinksport. We also carry fragrance-free and other deodorants by Schmidt’s. And we have the wildly popular and highly effective roll on by Real Purity for those who would rather not use stick deodorant.

We stock several healthy toothpastes, free not only of the neurotoxin fluoride but also free of glycerin, which shuts off the tooth’s natural pump, isolating it from the nourishment of the bloodstream and setting it up for problems. We carry toothpastes by Earthpaste, Real Purity, My Magic Mud, & Essential Oxygen. We carry Hyperbiotics’ wonderful probiotic toothpaste. We make our own remineralizing toothpaste, as we are unable to find a single commercial toothpaste that contains hydroxyapatite but is free of deadly carcinogens. We also carry tooth powder, dental floss, mouthwash, & safe tooth whitener. If you love your teeth, you will love shopping at Get Healthy!

Suntan Lotions & Insect Repellents

Did you know that more skin cancers are caused by suntan lotions than by the sun? The chemical soup that comprises most brands is bad enough, but when baked at 90+ degrees in the sun, they can cause oxidative stress with accompanying skin damage. The last thing you want when protecting your skin is to further injure it! They also can contain hormone disruptors, reproductive toxins, and other chemicals. But there are healthier options. While not perfect, zinc oxide is far preferable to the avobenzone, homosalate,  acrylates, parabens, mineral oil, etc. in supermarket brands. We carry the clean, non-greasy, and effective Thinksport line of sunscreens for babies, children, and adults.

Looking for self-tanner that won’t age your skin? There is very little in this category that we would put on our skin — but it only takes one good product to get us through winter with passable Caucasian legs! That product is the line of self-tanners by Beauty by Earth — a delightful creamy (not greasy), lightly vanilla scented, fabulous-in-its-own-right lotion that develops into a non-orangey, believable, good-for-you tan over several hours. We love this stuff!

Summer is Texas is great — for the biting critters! When you want to enjoy the outdoors but don’t relish lying awake all night scratching your bites, you want insect repellent. But you don’t need Deet or permethrin, which can cause severe persistent hives, seizures, chronic fatigue, respiratory distress and other symptoms of toxic poisoning. We carry safe insect repellents for babies, adults, and everyone in between. If you prefer, we have organic essential oils to make your own. And if you are attacked by fire ants or get into poison ivy, nothing works so well as our own Poison Ivy Healing Salve.


First Aid Supplies

If you seriously injure yourself, come in and use the Biotransducer (scalar technology) to dramatically accelerate healing. It reduces healing time from weeks to in some cases just hours and dramatically reduces scarring as well.

We have all sorts of tricks to help the body heal, including ozone applications, salves, homeopathics, dragon’s blood, iodine-DMSO combinations, and natural anti-inflammatories. We have quercetin, (nature’s anti-histamine) and TMG (to improve methylation, which opposes histamine) for support in the event of exposure to toxins. We have essential oils, numbing agents, silicone strips to prevent scarring, & natural antibiotic gel. We have minerals and herbs to speed closure of fractures and resolution of bruises. 

But sometimes all you need is a bandaid. We have that too! Q tips, cotton rounds, gauze, colloidal silver gel to stop or prevent infection and soothe the skin, manuka honey to heal wounds seamlessly, ozonated olive oil, which is a godsend for virtually anything skin. When you need an answer that works, come on in and let us help!

Feminine Products

You’ve heard of Toxic Shock Syndrome — basically sepsis of the blood via the vagina. This can happen in any woman, but the risk is highly increased by the use of toxic tampons. The vaginal wall is acutely permeable, and any toxin lodged there is quickly taken up by the body. Enter your typical grocery store tampon: usually a blend of genetically modified cotton (drenched in glyphosate and other pesticides) and viscose, with phthalates, deadly dioxins from bleaching, dyes, chlorine, etc. If you must use tampons, choose 100% organic cotton ones, in a size no larger than you require, and change them every 4 hours, leaving them out at night. To the rescue is Natracare and their line of compostable organic cotton tampons.

We also carry pads in all sizes by Natracare, free of synthetics, dyes, perfumes, and the high levels of plastics found in most brands. We have feminine wipes and such. But where we really shine is that we carry the minerals that make it wonderful to be a woman, to heal from anxiety, PMS, cysts, fibroids, and the like. Babies born on our Nutritional Balancing program are the healthiest and most beautiful babies we see anywhere today, with good jaw structure, low anxiety, good gut health, and above-average intelligence and development. How you eat and care for yourself has everything to do with how much you get out of life  (and are able to give in return). We are here to help!

Hair Color

What if you could have beautiful, glossy, richly colored hair without poisoning yourself? You can! Granted, there is no hair colorant that is entirely without risk — but better a B than an F! We carry the Naturtint and Herbatint lines and can special order your color if we do not have it in stock. We also carry what is probably the safest of all hair tints: natural henna, best for amber, golden, or red-tinted locks or to give an amber hue to darker hair.

Most hair products are a who’s who of how to poison yourself. PPD or phenylenediamine is used in most hair brands to attach color pigments to the hair shaft. The downside is a high risk of contact dermatitis and respiratory problems. Resorcinol makes the color last longer, but it can cause respiratory problems and cardiovascular and neurological impairment. It can damage the blood, spleen, liver, and kidneys. And you sure won’t want to get it in your eyes! DMDM Hydantoin (Glydant) releases formaldehyde gas, which can cause asthma and allergic reactions. Lead acetate is used in many products meant to cover grey hair — at the risk of violence and dementia. The list goes on and on, and these chemicals go by many different names, which makes tracking down the cause of your reaction tricky at best. Why play Russian Roulette with your scalp? Try something safer!

Finally! Makeup and self-care products free of toxic forms of minerals and other carcinogenic fillers.

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