Be generous with these amazing superfoods!

Powerful phytonutrients feed the cells, block free radicals, repair DNA damage, help sick cells to die, & regenerate tissue.

Be generous with these amazing superfoods!

Powerful phytonutrients feed the cells, block free radicals, repair DNA damage, help sick cells to die, & regenerate tissue.

Superfoods and Supplements

Super Foods

Your body craves real food. But the food supply today is in a sorry state. The vast array of healing phytochemicals (plant nutrients) that should be in our veggies, fruits, seeds, and grains is largely missing. Nutrient forms have been pulled out of packaged /processed foods and toxic /inorganic forms put in their place.  Ideally, you would eat 10 cups of organic veggies every day (and feel like a million bucks) — but for many busy people, the idea is overwhelming. Enter superfood blends. Concentrated from 4 to 20 times and free of the sugar in fruit, these power blends are a great way to add powerful antioxidants to your day.

We carry powedered concentrates of acai, alfalfa, amla, barley grass, baobab, bee pollen, beet, camu camu, chlorella, cranberry, elderberry, lion’s mane, lucuma, maqui, matcha, moringa, pitaya, pomegranate, turmeric / golden milk, wheat grass, various blends of red and green superfoods, and more. We also have cinnamon, ginger, hibiscus, raspberry, etc. in the herb and/or spice sections. Mix one or more of these into Body Health’s Power Meal amino acid blend, and you have a great meal replacement that will work for you for hours on end and beats collagen, BCAA’s, whey, rice, hemp, etc. hands down!

Seeds, Sprouts & Microgreens

If Covid taught us anything, it was to be self-reliant. Almost everyone has gotten into gardening on some scale in the past year or two. When you need seed undamaged by pesticides and non-hybridized — so you can harvest your own seed next year — we are here to help. We have organic heirloom arugula, asian mix, basil, beet, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, chard, cilantro, corn, cucumber, dill, green beans, kale, lemon balm, lettuce blends, nasturtium, parsley, parsnip, sage, spinach, summer squash, sunflower, thyme, tomato, watermelon, winter squash, & zucchini.

Another wonderful survival staple to keep on hand is sprouting seeds. Three or four days on the windowsill, and you have fresh sprouts, loaded with anti-cancer, immune-boosting nutrients the whole family will love! We carry alfalfa sprouts, broccoli sprouts, mung bean sprouts (for fabulous chow mein, chop suey, or a delightfully crunchy addition to salads, soups, and entrées), and crunchy bean mix with a little of everything. We also have canning jars and sprouting lids to make sprouting fun and easy!

If you are more into baby plants you can grow over and over, you want microgreens. These little wonders make a beautiful, healthy hobby for budding cooks and keep the family bunny in rare form as well. We carry arugula microgreens, broccoli microgreens, cilantro microgreens, and red beet microgreens — with instructions on planting. (If you would rather buy yours ready-grown, we carry those as well in the produce section).

Body Building Protein Supplements

While your body depends upon protein for all maintenance and repair, most people are protein malnourished (as seen by amino acid testing across the population). Low protein supply leads to fatigue, weakness, saggy skin, thin hair, brain fog, painful joints, difficulty detoxifying, and poor immune response. Protein is vital to life!  But we’ll let you in on a little secret: not all protein is created equal. If you are missing just one of the eight essential amino acids, your body cannot assemble protein, regardless of how many servings you ingest. This is the case with collagen powders. (Yes, we carry them, because people think they want them, and they do help with joint recovery to a limited extent. But this is due to the existence of the essential aminos in the blood stream. Lacking that, collagen protein is absorbed at a measly 1% due to the absence of essential tryptophan.) Branched Chain Amino Acids are no better, as they lack five of the eight essential aminos. Move up from there to rice, hemp, whey proteins, and you are at 11-16% assimilation. Pretty poor, when you consider the protein not absorbed turns to sugar (which is why people who take collagen regularly complain about their puffy look). Chicken, beef, lamb, fish, etc. is absorbed at around 32%. And eggs are best absorbed at 48%. Can we do better? Yes! Perfect Amino is an amino acid blend created with all eight essential aminos, all in the right proportions. It is absorbed at 99%. A handful of tabs or a scoop of the powder will do more to help repair your body than any other source of protein you can buy. We recommend everyone consume Perfect Amino as their protein for one meal per day or before a workout. If ill, you can do this up to three times per day. Body builders and cancer conquerors the world over can attest to the difference!

Research-Grade Food Supplements

Not all food supplements are created equal. Many brands contain little of what is on the label and even things NOT on the label.*

We stock the finest supplements on the market, most created by some of the strongest research companies in the country. For instance, Life Extension Foundation discovered CoQ10 and made it available for purchase a decade before anyone else was even talking about it. Their supplement sales fund nutritional research to some of the most prestigious medical and longevity research facilities in the world. Quicksilver Scientific produces the most effective liposomal formulations available, with dramatically enhanced uptake. Endomet Labs is a practitioner-only label that produces some of the best forms and ratios of minerals to repair generational deficiencies.

We also vet our supplements. The vast majority of multivitamins contain copper and iron, which are toxic to most people in any form. Most contain forms of minerals that are poorly utilized. Oxide forms build up in the soft tissues of the body, where they are notorious for causing arthritis, gout, cataracts, and kidney stones. Calcium carbonate (chalk) becomes incorporated into bone, making it soft and porous. Most supplements still contain folic acid rather than folate, B6 in the pyridoxal rather than P5P form, vitamin E as dl alpha tocopheryl acetate rather than mixed tocopherols and tocotrienols, with alpha, beta, gamma, and delta forms. Milk thistle to help heal your liver needs to contain both silymarin, silybin A, and silybin B. Most contain only silymarin. We could go on and on.

Because we do tissue testing, we have been able over the years to ascertain what works. Why waste your hard-earned money and swallow pills, only to find out they got you nowhere? Let our staff help you make wiser choices. You won’t pay any more for the good stuff than for junk, especially when you factor in lost time at work and visits to the doctor — and the difference is often night and day.


Medicinal Herbs, Tinctures and Salves

All of the herbs we carry are organic or wildcrafted. We source the best quality we can find (for instance, U.S. vs China and echinacea purpurea vs.angustifolia). We package them in manageable sizes so you can keep several on hand without taking up your entire pantry. We carry bilberry, blue cohosh, chamomile, chaparral, chase berries, comfrey, dandelion, devil’s claw, echinacea, elder berries,  ginger root, hawthorn berries, hibiscus flowers, horsetail, Irish sea moss, Norwegian kelp, marshmallow root, nettle leaf, Oregon grape root, papaya leaf, pau d’arco root, peppermint leaf, authentic Greek rock rose, skullcap, stevia, valerian root, & white willow bark. We also carry several healing herbal blends such as detox tea, pain tea, sniffles tea, and stay well tea. We harvest wild pine needles from our property in the middle of the Ouachita National Forest and keep them in the frozen section. We also carry basil, cilantro, cloves, oregano, and so forth in the spice section and as essential oils.

Herbal tinctures we carry include alfalfa, angelica, anise, astragalus, black cohosh, black walnut, blessed thistle, blue cohosh, blue vervain, butcher’s broom, capsicum, chamomile, cramp bark, dandelion, dong quai, echinacea, elderberry, essiac, eyebright, feverfew, gentian, ginger, goldenseal, gotu kola, gravel root, gymnema, hops, horehound, horse chestnut, licorice, marshmallow, mullein, nettle, parsley, passion flower, pau d’arco, schizandra, shepherd’s purse, skullcap, slippery elm, valerian, white oak, white willow, wild cherry, wild lettuce, & wormwood.

Herbal salves include aloe vera gel, the original Amazon black salve, arnica gel and ointment, bloodroot paste, calendula ointment, and poison ivy healing salve. (We also have colloidal silver gel, ozonated olive oil, emu oil rub, and other non-herbal salves for urgent skin and joint care).

Homeopathic Remedies

We carry most of the Boiron line of homeopathic blends, including Arnicare, Arnicare Foot Care, Arnicare Leg Cramps, Camelia teething drops, Chestal Cold & Cough, Cold Calm, Cold Calm Kids, Motion Calm, Optique eye drops, Oscillococcinum, Rhinallergy, Sinus Calm, Sleep Calm, Stress Calm, Throat Calm, Sinusalia, & Wart Calm.

We also stock single homeopathics by Ollois and Boiron including aconitum napellus, allum cepa, ambrosia artemisia, apis mellifica, argentum nitricum, arnica montana, arsenicum album, arum triphyllum, belladonna, borax, byronia, calcarea carbonica, cantharis, carbo vegetabilis, caulophyllum, causticum, chamomilla, coffea cruda, gelsemium sempervirens, hamamelis virginiana, hepar sulphuris calcareum, histamimum hydrochloricum, hydrastis canadensis, hypericum perforatu, ignatia amara, influenzinum, ipecacuanha, kali bichromicum, lachesis mutus, ledum palustre, lobelia inflata, lycopodium clavitum, mercurius solubili, natrum muriaticum, nux vomica, phosphorus, phytolacca decandra, pulsatilla,  rhus tox, ruta graviolens, sepia, silicea, spongia tosta, staphysagria, sulphur, sulphurica, symphytum officinale, thuja occidentalis, & urtica urens.

Thousands of tissue tests inform what supplements we carry and what superfoods we recommend. The proof is in the results!

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