Why Health Coaching?

Life is full of ups and downs. But when it is your health that is down, everything else is affected. The effort you put into YOU pays big dividends in your family, your job, and your social life. Nourishing and caring for the body prevents so much pain and suffering.

Some of our deepest sorrows are watching people struggle though life with health issues that are often so easy to fix by simply replenishing missing nutrients. Cysts, acne? Iodine /zinc deficiency. Anxiety, hot flashes, candida? Zinc/copper ratio probably off. Low energy? Could be sodium/potassium /iron deficiency, copper biounavailability. High blood pressure? If not sugar, probably the oxide group (iron /manganese /chromium /aluminum / nickel in oxide form).  Multiple Sclerosis? Almost always involves copper/mercury toxicity. Nervous tension? Usually deficiencies of the sedative minerals (calcium /magnesium /zinc).

You can run all the medical tests you like and take handfuls of anti-inflammatories, but until you correct the nutrient imbalances, you are just going around on the hamster wheel and are most likely never going to get full resolution but rather get sicker as the toxicity worsens because the nutrient deficiencies were never corrected.

But you can stop this process now. You just need to decide that you are worth it and be willing to do the hard work of replenishing bankrupt systems. We have seen recoveries that most people would deem impossible. In fact, we see them more often than not.* Yes, some people have to fight through more serious levels of toxicity — but there is always hope that vibrant health can be restored. After all, our Designer is infinitely intelligent and compassionate and wants your life to be wonderful! You can’t bless anybody when you can barely get out of bed!!



*This is not meant in any way as a diagnosis or promise of a cure, but simply as the nature of the body to regenerate itself, given the nutrients upon which life depends.

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