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I have a family member in South Africa. Can you help her?

Yes! We work with members all over the world. You can call the store to purchase a testing kit, which we will then mail to you. You will have a hairdresser, family member, or friend cut the hair sample and then send it directly to the lab in Phoenix. They will forward the results to us. We will review them and develop a customized healing plan for you, which we will email so that you can follow along on our phone call to explain everything to you. An initial phone call to discuss your symptoms and situation is usually scheduled before we have results back, so that we have all the necessary information to best help you.



My husband hates vegetables. Can you still help him?

Ha, how you know us! While we strongly advocate that every adult eat a beautiful plate of cooked veggies twice per day, the Nutritional Balancing program will still help those who gag at the very thought. The minerals we use are very effective at moving things into alignment. The difference will be in how quickly the body will heal, how fast you will begin to feel good again, and how hard you will struggle through the detox. As with reduction in exposure to toxins, ANY work you do toward health is worth undertaking! The sicker you are, the more strongly we urge you to feed your body nourishing, real food.

My baby is not focusing / has awful skin problems / is colicky – etc. Is he too young to help?

No! We were all born toxic, and our children and grandchildren are sadly lacking in basic minerals for structure and function. In fact, our research shows that the younger the child, the more nutritionally depleted. Even in families who have completely cleaned up their diet and no longer eat genetically modified frankenfoods, artificial flavorings, modern wheat, toxic metal colorants, etc., the nutritional deficit is so great that food alone will never fix it. Mineral supplements are required to return the body to healthy function. We can usually help babies without testing, but testing is always advised if basic recommendations fall short.

Is there a discount for spouses?

Yes! We take $50 off the initial Nutritional Balancing package price for spouses of people who are on or have been on the program. Healing is better when undertaken together!

My daughter is away at college. Can you help her? Does she pay the adult price?

We work with a lot of college students — and they need it! The stress of their first year away from home can result in a lot of health complications that can usually be easily remedied or prevented. As for cost, if you are supporting them, we understand and we charge you the discounted dependent rate. If they will follow a simple program, we will help finance them. They are, after all, our future!

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