Members have access to some of the most powerful healing modalities in existence today — at bargain prices!

Members have access to some of the most powerful healing modalities in existence today — at bargain prices!

Our Health Coaching Center is led by Naturopath Debbie Weygandt.

Using a special combination of nutritional supplements along with careful food selection based upon existing tissue patterns, she seeks to help people balance their biochemistry while also detoxifying from the heavy environmental load we all bear today. We have been blessed to help hundreds of people where every other approach has failed.

Our non-medical Health Coaching Center is well equipped to provide our members with the help they need to get healthy and stay healthy. For example, our members use the ozone sauna for the ultimate detox session! We encourage you to stop by the Health Coaching Center located at the back of the store to discover how you can make use of these resources to optimize your health.

Please understand that only members are able to utilize our Health Coaching Center. In addition, our products and services are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Nutritional Balancing

Minerals drive the body both structurally and functionally. They activate the enzymes that do all the body’s maintenance and repairs. Our problem today is the longstanding demineralization of our soils by intensive commercial farming with chemical salt fertilizers (N-P-K) which fill mineral receptors in the cells to the detriment of nutrient forms of these minerals with resulting tissue injury and emotional chaos.

Nutrient potassium, for instance, is responsible for the delivery of oxygen to the brain, while toxic forms deplete it. Nutrient (trivalent) chromium helps prevent cancer, while toxic (hexavalent) forms cause it. Nutrient manganese is vital to hormonal health while oxide manganese can lead to Parkinsonian symptoms.

In addition, the depletion of vital minerals from our foods by “refining” and the refortification with poor substitutes adds insult to injury. Our pasta and breads are full of deadly oxide iron and toxic bromide and depleted of the iodine that used to keep us well. Our salt is left with one single mineral laced with toxic aluminum to improve flow quality. Our cattle have bones so weak that broth made from them cannot begin to rebuild ours. Our experience is that the entire U.S. population is starving for basic mineral supply and may only appear to be living with vitality and optimal health. We are a collective time bomb — our little ones being in the worst shape of all.

The good news? It is fixable, given the willingness to work at it for a few months to a couple of years. it is largely a matter of taking the right supplements instead of guessing at it and nearly always getting it wrong. The body can remineralize itself at about 21% per year. Put bioavailable calcium in and watch deadly lead go out. Put in zinc and push out cadmium. Phosphorus to displace arsenic. This results never cease to amaze us!

Call the Coaching Center at 469.434.2004 ext.#303 today for more information or to schedule a hair analysis!

Ozone Therapy

Oxygen is life! Ozone is simply tri-atomic oxygen. Oxygen has a double bond which is very stable and therefore of little effect when applied to the body. That third atom of oxygen has an unstable bond, which is what makes it so bioactive. Its effects are dynamic, immediate, and wonderful! Ozone oxidizes NADH back to NAD, leading to the reset of all bodily systems. Antioxidants, hormones, prostaglandins: all start afresh. Fungus, bacteria, viruses, and parasites are killed on contact, while healthy cells are unaffected due to their protective mechanism.

Ozone can be used in many ways with subtle but powerful effects. We can run it into the ears to help with sinus and respiratory infections. We can insert it intestinally for delivery through the portal vein into the liver and directly into the colon. We can diffuse it through the skin in an ozone sauna, where it has a powerful immune, general healing, and detoxifying effect. We can apply it vaginally for quick resolution of yeast there. We can use it orally to kill off pathogens before or after a dental procedure. We can bag a necrotic limb and watch it come to life as oxygen supply is restored. When we are unsure what to do, we do ozone. When we do know what to do, we do ozone. And having done all, we do ozone! It is said to be the safest healing modality ever discovered, with a toxicity level below that of drinking water. Members can come get ozone to take home and use at prices anyone can afford. Or come sit in our ozone sauna for the best detox of your life! Got allergies or ear infections? Ear insufflation can be done even with very little ones with zero toxicity and great benefit. Stop by the Health Coaching Center at the back of the store for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Frequency Therapy (PEMF)

PEMF has proven a godsend for many acute and chronic injuries and conditions. It works by raising the voltage of the electromagnetic cells of the body. Since disease /pain is simply low voltage (low oxygen / low mineral content — all definitions of the same condition), it makes sense that raising the voltage by inputting electrons can help to reverse it (we didn’t say cure!). The first time we used it was to re-knit a finger on a gentleman who refused to see the doctor.

Unlike other forms of energy equipment, PEMF is customized to your body at the time, as the signal is modulated based upon the body’s response. Obsolete are colors, sounds, and homeopathic potions as media of delivery. TENS devices, while helpful, use a single frequency, as do Rife machines. PEMF has them all beat — and yet it is simple, painless, and powerful to help the body cope with insults. We use it for energy facials that are amazing for painlessly removing pocking and scarring from adolescent acne (this is not to be construed as a guarantee). We use it around the bite of a poisonous spider or snake to neutralize the venom (yes, still go see the doctor!). We use it to close the digestive valves that the stress of toxic metals drives open, leading to reflux and misery. It is fabulous for pain and injury. After all, pain is simply low voltage! Our prices are very affordable, though the equipment is not inexpensive. Call to schedule an energy evaluation of your 12 electrical circuits and a recharge today!


TKM stands for the King’s Method, referencing God’s instructions for healing by the laying on of hands. The difference is that it matters where you place your hands. Did you know you can stop a heart attack with your hands every time? (Still go to the ER!) You can (and many doctors do) do surgery even to the face without a cautery if they just know where to place their hands on the patient during the procedure.

There is a flow of energy, an energy pulse, that criss-crosses the body from several directions and on several levels. Most Westerners are unaware it even exists, but tapping into it and unblocking it in the affected circuit can produce near-miraculous results. You can stop a panic attack, an asthma attack, arrhythmia, fluid pooling in the lungs within just minutes. TKM is our chance to lay hands on you and pray while we wait for the energy pulses to be restored. It is an act of service to another, an act of sacrificial love. it is entirely gentle and painless in most cases (on occasion the voltage will return with a stabbing determination to find its way through a long-blocked circuit). Many times we can teach you how to work on yourself or your loved one at home. There is so much about the body we still don’t understand — but it is wonderful to watch it respond! Call or stop by to learn more about this amazing healing modality today!

Looking to optimize wellbeing or heal from chronic issues?

The body was designed to heal itself! Give it the help it needs. Reducing your toxic load, improving food choices, and correcting mineral imbalances can work where hope seems lost. Let us show you how.

Looking to optimize wellbeing or heal from chronic issues?

The body was designed to heal itself! Give it the help it needs. Reducing your toxic load, improving food choices, and correcting mineral imbalances can work where hope seems lost. Let us show you how.

Diseases appear to be genetic because we tend to pass down to our children the same toxicities and deficiencies that we had when we participated in their conception. Over time, our imbalances affect the way our genes FUNCTION. This is the science of epigenetics. While our genes that control such things as hair color, whether or not we have a widow’s peak or can roll our tongue are what they are, epigenetics is fluid and subject to change as the toxicities and deficiencies that created them are corrected. Human Genome Project declared almost all disease to be epigenetic. Which is why there is SO MUCH hope! Correct the imbalances and watch the body rally to repair itself as it was designed to do!

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